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The Russian River Valley was forged by the action and reaction of the collisions between the North American and Pacific tectonic plates. These impacts opened volcanic vents that deposited volcanic ash over layers of eroded bedrock. Millennia of flooding throughout the Russian River Valley floodplain have added alluvial soils throughout the valley.

Morning fog is channeled in through the Petaluma gap where it splits north and south. The redirection to the north brings a layer of cooling fog into the Russian River Valley causing diurnal shifts of 35-40 degrees.

The Russian River Valley’s striking richness of fruit, like Calista’s Arrow, gives the overall direction to our Coastal Range Pinot Noir.

The Russian River Valley’s cooling fog and alluvial soils from the ancient Russian River and its flood plain give the overall direction to our Coastal Range Pinot Noir. We wanted our Pinot Noir to be typified by focused and bright fruit tones that span the flavor profile from red strawberry to dark cherry with mixed spices and earth tones.

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